Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us. This is why we strive to make everything as transparent as possible.

Information collection

During the usage of any of our products (including this website), we may collect certain pieces of technical information, such as your IP address, web browser type, browser version, etc. This is pretty standard and is a way for us to better serve your needs, by finding what works best for you and how we can improve our services.

We may also collect information about your behavior during the usage of our products. For example, how long have you stayed on a given page, what did you click and which site lead you to us. This is useful information that helps us measure our advertising efforts and gives is hints about which parts of the products are most useful and which parts need more work, in order to make them more useful to you.
However, we should note that this information is usually anonymous and not associated with a given user account, your location, your name, your gender or any other personalli identifiable information.
It’s purely for statistical purposes.

Data Processing

The information our website and our mobile apps collect about you might include your IP address and other information you voluntarely provide. This information is only stored and used for the purposes of providing you with the features related to the website or mobile apps.

Under GDPR laws and any applicable laws to you, you are free to request correction or deletion of this data by contacting us.


Based on the last paragraph, we may sometimes utilize third party tracking technologies, such as Google Analytics to collect and better analyze the said data. These third parties may have their own privacy policies or legal guidelines and hasMobi Ltd should not be held responsible for the actions of these third parties.


Cookies are small pieces of data, stored by websites on your computer. The next time you come back to the website, it can read the cookie it placed, in order to provide you with a better experience (e.g. websites use cookies to save your login state so you don’t have to re-enter your username/password on each visit; they may also remember your language preference).
Our products also utilize cookies and they are essential to the proper operation of this website. Disabling cookies in your browser will certainly impair your web browsing experience and we recommend you keep them on permanently.

External links and third party websites

This website or our products may link to third party websites or products. These third parties are usually not affiliate with hasMobi and hasMobi should not be help liable for the opinions on these third party pages or products.
It is recommended that you check the Privacy Policy of those third parties, because they might have different policies than those outlined on this page.


Our products may include advertisements. Those advertisements may or may not be served by third party companies. hasMobi should not be held liable for the contents of these advertisements or the authenticity of the content they point to.
The third party advertising companies may utilize cookies or other fraud protection functionality, that requires the collection of certain anonymous information related to your browser or smartphone.