Our products

Below you can find some of the projects we are proud of.

CalcFinance – Financial Calculator

CalcFinance – the sophisticated financial calculator that is easy to use. Calculate the Time Value of Money (TVM) and your salary using a simple interface and in real time.

Where Did I Park?

Living in a big city and often parking on different locations, that you forget afterwards? “Where Did I Park?” will remember where you parked the car.

Eye Rest – Extra screen brightness reduction

Eye Rest applies a “blue light” filter over your device’s screen so you can safely browse and watch videos in bed, without the well known itchy feeling and tears.

Customizable overlay colors available.

MEMbo – Smartphone performance booster

Optimize your device’s memory by closing down unnecessary background apps.

MEMbo monitors and closes background apps so you always have a fast and responsive device.

Temporary Silent Mode

Temporary Silent Mode will help you not forget your phone in “silent mode” anymore.

After you lower its volume, you will be prompted if Temporary Silent Mode should restore it to full volume after a predefined interval.